There are basically three ways to market your timber: Sell standing by a) negotiation b) auction C) tender.

Alternatively, the harvesting and marketing (by any of the above) can be carried out by Border Consultants selling into the individual markets per commodity. Each method has pros and cons, which are fully explained to the client beforehand and the best option agreed.

Access to timber markets is an important factor in the value of a forest, UK sawmills and panelboard mills continue to upgrade and invest in state of the art technology. The biggest mills use softwood, with the ‘Golden Triangle’ around Carlisle/Lockerbie; smaller, hardwood mills tend to be found in the south. Although most timber is moved by road to mills, timber located near the coast can be shipped to coastal mills and also to Ireland.

Low-grade roundwood is bought by chipboard manufacturers and biomass plants. There is also a good market in some areas for low-grade softwood for animal bedding. The UK has seen a significant investment in biomass power generation plants over recent years. There are a number of large woodfuel suppliers, buying chipwood to serve these and combined heat and power plants. The market for chipwood has strengthened as a result of the demand for biomass, which is important for any thinning or harvesting operation.